Monday, October 3, 2011

Come on Over!

Don't you just hate it when bloggers abandon their blogs for no apparent reason?  One day they are talking about how much they loved their grandma's rice pudding, then nothing.  You never hear from them again!  Personally, I worry about them.  I mean they could have perished in a fiery car crash.  How is one to know?  For this very reason, I am giving you an explanation of what the heck is going on here.

As you can tell this blog has been terribly neglected.  It has faithfully held my thoughts and your comments for sometime now without the proper thanks and attention it deserves.  Originally this blog was begun as a place for me to print online copies of an article I was writing for American in Britain Magazine.  Even though I loved writing my article, it became apparent that no one seemed to be reading it; no publishers looking for raw talent and great recipes, no hungry ex-pats looking for adapted recipes from home, no one . . . period, so I decided to move on. 

For this reason I am slowly transferring my posts over to my other blog, Savoury Table (formely Eat Drink Wash Up).  If you happen to be one of my 21 followers (or anyone else) and miss me and my clever, dry wit, please click the link above and join me over there.   Most of all, thanks so much for following me and reading my ramblings.  Now come on, don't be shy, we're waiting for you!


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